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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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hn muir health. be heard. stunning announcement in the clinton e-mail investigation. good evening, i go now with less than two days until the election, the fbi mix a stunning announcement in the clinton email investigation. the fbi director, james comey, sent a letter to lawmakers saying the agency has not change the opinion that clinton should not face criminal charges. agents have reviewed all communications to and from hillary clinton were part of the newly discovered emails.>> we were confident he would find nothing and that he would reach the same decision he reached in july of that this matter is resolved.
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>> the messages were found on the computer of anthony weiner, the estranged husband of a top clinton aide said they wanted to see if clinton had mishandled classified information. earlier donald trump was continuing to emphasize the email issue. he thought clinton should be considered a criminal.>> if she were to win, it would create an unconstitutional crisis. >> the criminal investigations will be emesis she is elected. -- would be unless if she is elected. southern california have voters are going to cast their about -- ballots early. the line stretches around the location of west hollywood. 9.4 million californians are registered to vote in the selection. all of these voters mean more workers at the polls as well. one county is getting extra help for the election. >>reporter: they registered
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voters -- with the registrar for voters us facing long lines and higher than normal turnout. >> community spirit is going to bring great responses to support us. >>reporter: they signed up and train more than 5000 volunteers to staff polling stations across the county. the county has collected more than 300,000 vote by mail ballots in some of voters waited in long lines at the county selection office today to cast their ballots early. >> it was a new experience for me but it was excited -- excited to see that many are interested in voting early and performed or severe duty. >> it wasn't bad but it was comfortable and quiet. there was not in a pushing or shoving. >>reporter: the registrar's office estimate 85% of registered voters may cast about the selection and hundreds of workers have begun
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the task of sorting, counting and securing the balance. >> voters should have faith in the integrity of our voting system. we have a number of safeguards and procedures that we use the put in place for every ballot to make sure every about that should be counter, is counted. during the day on tuesday, santa clarita -- santa clara and sonoma county will pick up ballots midday get them back to the registrar's office to speed up the counting process. >> that search is on for the person who vandalized campaign signs. one of the routes to the napa valley country, signs were toward. many are wondering about the possible influx of thc tourism. we see the impact that one state where it is legal.
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>>reporter: in denver, ready can smoke, eat, or consume cannabis anyway you want. >> we have had people coming into colorado to experience cannabis for the first time. >>reporter: 52 100 people a day visit this private membership had shop. many are tourists, heading to the mile high city to get high. >> they started coming when legalization for start of it as the years go on, more people feel comfortable with it, more are coming. >>reporter: a research group found among travelers ages 25 through 34, 33% said we need was one of the reasons they vacationed in colorado. >> we are perceived to be embracing drug abuse and drug use. through legalization, through
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downgrading criminal laws, just through the general narrative, the social narratives that glorifies drug use. >>reporter: five states are putting on recreational pot. california, arizona and nevada, if they pass it, six states will be legal, spreading tourism dollars around. but a report by the rocky mountain high and a drug trafficking area in colorado said potts tourism can be detrimental. >> the denver bureau for visitors did a survey. 49% of people have a negative view of colorado. >>reporter: the report is mostly anecdotal but these are real results you can't see what data. >> you have event planners that have a negative view. that's bad because that's tourism money. >>reporter: the california tourism board would not talk about their plans but california is known for quality
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of pot and have voters legalize marijuana, that could make weed as big of a draw as wine. >> be sure to tune in on tuesday for extension -- extensive night coverage and we will have political insiders and the rest of the kpix5 team. speaking of denver, people campaigning to keep the raiders in town. tonight, fans held a rally outside the oakland coliseum before the game. live in oakland with a message from the fans. jessica? >>reporter: there is a growing movement out here was signs like this one. hundreds of them with a message, stay in oakland. >> at the raiders game on the grounded in the sky, a strong message to the raiders owner, mark davis, and the city of las vegas. fans with stay in oakland flyers
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express a growing resentment over the possibility davis could be moving the team to nevada. >> i am beyond mad. i feel like we are betrayed. you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. you keep waiting for mark davis. >>reporter: the raiders declined to comment on the move. nevada lawmakers approve 756 million taxpayer dollars for new stadium. city leaders have pledged no public financing. the raiders would still need 24 team owners to approve a new location. >> the fan bases here, not in las vegas. >>reporter: justice fans are hopeful about their season, there is a surge of emotion about what lies ahead.
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>> we are facing our first winning season in 10 years and the owner is trying to relocate the team. that's not fair. >>reporter: whatever happens at the las vegas deal, mark davis said the team will stay here and oakland for the next two years. the 49ers are struggling to fill the seats at the home games this season. tickets for this afternoon's game against the saints were going for $28 at stub hub this morning. to give you perspective, parking at levi stadium starts at $40. investigators uncovering evidence of a horrific california kidnapping case. the suspect and his past. how one company is looking to ease bay area traffic. ,,,,
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by utilizing the san francisco bay. kpix 5's john ramos shows us the "water taxi".. a company looking to ease the bay area's growing traffic problem by utilizing san francisco bay. >>reporter: every weekday morning hundreds of thousands of people fight to get across a bridge to their jobs in san francisco. the trains are packed with people trying to get home. very few take the more direct route.
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>> the san francisco bay is totally underutilized that there is room for all sorts of water transportation vehicles. >>reporter: there is some service but for some reason san francisco doesn't have the network of water taxis so common and other coastal cities across the globe. that may be changing with the arrival of companies like kite line. >> we have on demand services. people create the demand and we meet that demand privately. >>reporter: this water taxi is scheduled to begin service november 14th from the harbor enrichment to pier 1 or the ferry building at san francisco. it will cost $22 round-trip. >> the average commuter will look at the time it takes to get in and that will be good. but the results also are the cost.
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>>reporter: writers will have to purchase fares online. this morning, those interested in the concept got a chance to check out the boat and ponder what the future might hold for private shuttles operating on the bay. >> i imagine it would start like a water taxi. it's popular elsewhere but lacking in the bay area. >>reporter: operators are starting slowly offering trips from 715 offering trips from 7:15 am and 8 am and from san francisco at 5 pm and 6 pm. >> there also planning shuttles from sausalito and may take passengers of the delta to sacramento. a man is arrested for firing shots on highway 680 at another driver. officers describe it as road rage the started the of the road ramp. one car tried to run another off the road and fired shots.
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police cut it to the driver who got off at walnut creek and led them on a foot pursuit. he was caught and arrested. no one was hurt in the shooting or during the pursuit. >> a man accused of keeping a woman prisoner inside a storage container and south carolina has confessed to a quadruple killing more than a decade ago. a judge denied bond for todd colin who is charged with 4 counts of murder in the shootings at a motorcycle store 2003. his role in those killings emerged. a woman was found alive and in chains on her property. he has directed authorities to will to gravesites there. wild turkeys on the loose in a northern town. why police are being called in to help. we had a few light showers around the bay area today. we will see what is next as we head back to work. your forecast is coming up after the break.
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the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet,
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and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly. man: in cities big and small, newspapers all over say it's time. woman: time to legalize and regulate marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64. but in davis- people have been talking about them for months... to 9- 1-1 dispatchers. wild turkeys have been
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wrecking havoc on the streets of november is a time to talk turkey but people have been talking about it for months to 911 dispatchers. wild turkeys have been wreaking havoc on the streets of davis. some people have had to call police to come and save them. one person became trapped after the turkey surrounded her car. the davis city council voted on a plan that would allow some numbers to be killed it would cause the -- it would cost the city $20,000. cooler weather this month. we start to expect more rain but that's not going to be happening this week. just a little chance on saturday and in the meantime, we have mild weather on the way. increasing sunshine slowly and want to see how close the
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forecast gave it we were forecasting 63 in oakland for the broncos and now it is 66. it's not bad but it will be drive for the game that is underway in about 10 minutes. here is the golden gate bridge break lights off for the promised land and temperatures in the mid-60s for most of the area. warmer in san jose was 69 degrees. clouds will clear out slowly and the rest of the week looks nice and dry and sunny as well. a little minor spell of warm weather coming into the bay but in the meantime between now and tomorrow we have clouds around the area with some fog and low clouds monday morning. the day goes on slowly the clouds clear out by sunset we have mostly clear skies and tomorrow looks pretty good
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beginning to trend towards the sunshine and the sun comes in midweek the time as temperatures are warm and mostly dry and we do have a slight chance of the shower or two coming in on saturday but in the meantime sunshine -- sunshine and partly cloudy skies. the rest of the week looks high and dry. some of tomorrow morning at 18 minutes before 7 am so it returns to the pre-7 am hour. san jose 74 oakland, 69 in san francisco 68. the numbers will be in the low 70s with high clouds to start out the day and sunshine towards the afternoon and evening hours. high temperatures tomorrow near 70 degrees. nice and mild including some degrees -- some temperatures a little bit cooler.
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windsor will be in the upper 60s for the most part. the extended forecast, numbers in the mid-70s and then sunshine . you see the little brain icon the suggest light rain that might be coming out on saturday. we will stay tuned for that. can the 49ers keep pace with the borland saints? can the defense do its job? next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as bad as their own.. contrasting styles during the anthem... colin kaepernick on mate quinton dail not a bad confidence boosters, the 49ers hosting a saint squad. and during the anthem, kaepernick on his knee. craig robinson greets kaepernick like a book. a saints touchdown with a lead for new orleans 14-3. the saints gave up nearly 400 yards and it began to make the 49er offense looked good. 47 yards to cut the deficit 21- 10. the red sea parts for the former heisman trophy winner. 75 yards scored for the second straight game 49ers allowing
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100 yard rusher for the first time in the history of the nfl pick 28-10 pick and kaepernick awarding fantasy players who took a chance on him. let's make it a one possession game and kaepernick just knew all too yards shy. third-quarter, mike davis getting a chance to show off that he fumbles the goal line. apparently this is still a problem. the saints go for the kill on the fourth quarter. an incredible grab over brock and zero interceptions. the saints beat up on the 49ers 41-23. >> i think it everybody's fault. i think we have to do a better job of putting players in position to make plays. it starts at the head coach and
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i don't blame one single person. >> this is my first opportunity to gain some ground. being a few games in, everything is clear and comfortable and we are able to get into a rhythm. >> this is a team that clearly needs help with only thing standing between the 49ers in a number one pick is the cleveland browns. jackson searching for his first win as the browns head coach. zach prescott is making it harder and harder for dallas to switch back to tony romo. jason would to what the first of three touchdowns. the cowboys bought the browns 21-10 for their seven straight win. cleveland is now zero and nine. and andrew luck out of his mind after the colts opening kickoff. here comes aaron rogers. they bring the packers within five. rogers threw three touchdowns but lockwood not let rogers could the ball back.
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-- luck would not let rogers get the ball back. the colts want to run out the clock and they beat the packers. green bay is 4 and 4. jesus. alex smith sitting out after taking two hits to the head last week. first quarter first 2:15 wilson at the back of the end zone. kansas city with the lead. fourth quarter, unhappy about not getting a pass interference call and getting flagged for arguing. he throws it right back at the referee and he would be ejected. over 5 million people showed up in chicago on friday to celebrate the cubs first world series title since teddy roosevelt was in the oval office. something fans never thought they would see in their lifetime.>> the first year i remember running into an elderly woman outside of
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wrigley, leaving the game, she introduced herself. she said i am 83 years old. i want to live to see world series. is it going to happen? we just lost. it was pretty bad. all i could think of, i looked at her and i could think of to say was take your vitamins. >> a local chicago church posted an ad today for any fans who may have tried appealing to a higher power during the bottom of the ninth and gave number seven. fans are certainly appealing to a higher power for the 49ers at a church near you. >> the raiders in the biggest game of their season and i think it is the biggest game for them in several years. >> a lot of excitement out there. that's it for us. we will see you back here at 6 pm for a full hour of news.
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>> the weekend news is coming up . we will see you at 6 pm. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs . >> quijano: breaking news on the clinton email investigation hillary clinton is cleared by the fbi following a review of recently discovered emails. how will it shake up the race with 48 hours to go? also tonight, the view of the u.s. election from mexico. >> there is great concern here that a trump victory could lead to an economic shock. >> quijano: election 101 turning a bitter campaign of uncivil discourse into a teaching moment. >> there is no topic that is off limits. >> none. >> word from washington is-- . >> quijano: and election night 1952, a ground-breaking event for broadcast journalism and a triumph for cbs broadcasting legend. >> no state has been decided yet.


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